I solemnly swear that this is, by far, the cheapest brush set you will find in the Philippines. Not having access to the awesomeness of the drugstore beauty products in the U.S. is a struggle us Filipino beauty junkies share. We may have the common drugstore brands here like Maybelline, Loreal, or Revlon but they’d usually be so much more expensive due to the cost of importing those products. And as for tools, we really don’t have access to the brands we could only hear from watching YouTube beauty gurus like Desi Perkins, Jaclyn Hill, and of course, Michelle Phan. Brands like BH Cosmetics, Costal Scents, Make up Geek are those that are known to be super cheap but of really good quality. You’d either have to scout online (but they’d end up being quite expensive too) or if you’re lucky, you can ask a relative or friend from the U.S. to bring you home some pasalubong (homecoming gift) or include them in the balikbayan box (repatriate box or a box of goodies overseas workers bring home to their families). So when I found this brush set, I got myself one and I want to share my thoughts on them to you.

This a brush set I’ve been seeing on Instagram online shops and just like some of you, I was super skeptical about these. It’s quite hard to believe that a brush set this cheap are actually well-made. This kabuki brush set comes with ten (10) brushes: five (5) face brushes and five (5) eye brushes. The price may vary from 350php to 1000php, depending on the seller. I was lucky to discover a Facebook group where people would do “pasaBUY.” (Shout out to Ms. Allyza! Thank you ulit!) Basically they’ll buy an item for you without profit. Just out of pure kindness. Anyway, I got this set for only 350php plus shipping fee of 50php.



It comes with an angled eye brush, fluffy brush, fluffy eye brush, pointed eye brush, and flat top eye brush. The handles for the eye brushes are about an inch longer which prevents you from being too heavy handed and giving yourself panda eyes.

*Goes in with MAC Carbon*


It also comes with a contour brush, angled flat top brush, a pointier face brush, an angled face brush, and a flat top brush.

These brushes come in a variety of colors. From the classic black and gold, white and gold to teals and hot pinks. I originally wanted the white and gold but it wasn’t in stock so I opted for the black and gold. The handles are matte black (which is super classy, I think) with super shiny yellow-gold. The metal part is kinda cheap looking because of the color but I mean, IT IS cheap. What can you expect? These are also plain. No texts or what so ever on the handles. These do not come with a bag or pouch but the brushes are all individually packed in plastic.

The bristles are VERY, VERY SOFT. I’d say that they’re actually softer than the Real Techniques brushes. These are kabuki brushes so they are all dense. One down side is if you’re quite meticulous about your tools like me, you’d have to inspect them carefully for stray strands of hair sticking out or bending in. I did that with all my brushes and took out the random strands. It’s not that big of a deal but I just wanted to put it out there. These brushes will not be perfect. I’m also curious to test its durability. I’ll update this blog once I’ve started cleaning out the brushes to check for shedding and such.

I tried putting on liquid foundation with the flat top face brush and I actually had an ease applying my foundation. Since it’s quite large and not as dense as the others, it was super easy to blend in my foundation. I found myself finished in about three minutes. This is perfect if you’re in a rush.

The eye brushes are quite big. They’re definitely blending brushes rather than detail brushes. These are good if you’re looking for a second set of brushes so you’d have more clean brushes to blend your smoky eye make up with.

This is definitely a bang for your buck. You can’t really buy a 10-piece brush set at 350 pesos. I like to buy individual brushes at the cosmetic department in Landmark since they’re all super cheap, but I don’t think you can buy more than four brushes with the same sum of money.

Overall, as cheap as it is, I don’t think that this is the first brush set a make up newbie should have since it doesn’t have the basic brushes like a blush brush (these are so dense, you’d end up with Pikachu cheeks)Pikachu.full.1487287

a powder brush, a shader brush, and an eyeliner brush. But if you’re someone looking for your next set of brushes to expand your make up collection, this is definitely something you should invest in.

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Order your brush set here for only Php 277!

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    • Hi! I don’t think they still have “pasabuys” but there a lots of online shops selling these brush sets now. You can check Shopee and look up “10 piece kabuki brush set” and you should be able to find them around the same price range 🙂


    • Hi! If you’re familiar with Shopee, I’m sure it’s available there. They also have discounted shipping and COD for your convenience 🙂 Just search for “10 piece kabuki brush set” and you’ll find a set around the same price range. 🙂


  1. these are the same brushes that i bought in divisoria. Mine costs 400php
    The big brushes are like dupe of Nanshy
    but it doesn’t mean that it’s bad! I was really surprised because the brushes are soft and it doesn’t shed much…
    but don’t be fooled, you can buy these for 400. Don’t buy the 10pc for 500php or more! It’s VERY CHEAP in divi

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true! I love buying fake/dupe brush sets because they do the job just as well. I’ll try to provide links to online shops for those who don’t have the time to go to Divi. ❤


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