Fashion21 Double Up Mascara (Review)

Every time my friends ask me about cheap, but good quality mascaras, I’d always tell them about Fashion21’s Double Up Mascara. Fashion21 is one of the Philippine’s local cosmetic brands. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a fan of a lot of our local cosmetic brands but this mascara really stood out. So when I do find local make up items that I love, I really do keep on repurchasing them because I want to support our own local makers.

IMG_1017 copy

This mascara costs 225php and it is absolutely worth every peso. It’s always good to discover a make up staple that is both locally made and affordable. This mascara only comes in black, unfortunately. They should come out with a brown version. *pleads* It’s also waterproof. It doesn’t smudge, it only flakes off so removal is not messy. It has a very sleek plastic wand which prevents clumping. I don’t really get horrid clumps with this mascara. When I go a little bit overboard, I’d usually just pinch or remove some product on the ends for a more natural look. It’s not really something that bothers me. And for the lengthening it claims to give, you can see the photos below. 🙂

Below are pictures so you can see the difference when I use this mascara.

Photo below is with and without mascara. As you can see, I barely have any lashes. I also didn’t curl my lashes when I applied the mascara. I have two coats of mascara in the photo.

IMG_1028 copy

IMG_1045 copy

IMG_1031 copy

Where to buy:

You can find this at any cosmetic department in malls. Just look for the Fashion21 stalls. 🙂
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