There is nothing better than being able to support Philippine-made products so here is my first entry for BEST PHILIPPINE-MADE BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

  1. Nichido Liquid Eye Liner (68php) – This was the first liquid eye liner I ever used and I think I had gone through about three or four tubes of this until I started exploring other brands. I really like it because first of all, the price. I always recommend this to those who are just getting into make up because I don’t want them to be spending so much on make up they’re just learning to use. Second is the wand. It’s super thin and flimsy letting you create thin cat eyes. Some people say that flimsier applicators are harder to use but come to think about it, if you get used to this hard-to-use applicator, then you’ll have an ease doing liner using other kinds of wands, right? Another is that it dries matte. If you’re not a fan of matte liquid eyeliner then this isn’t for you. It doesn’t have the best staying power compared to the Inglot Gel Liner I’m using now but it’s really not that bad. It’s a good everyday eyeliner that won’t break the bank.
  2. Nichido Matte Lipsticks (188php) – I remember this was my first ever red lipstick. (Throwback to early college days!) It’s very matte, very pigmented, and it comes with a small pot of balm in the same color if you want to opt for a satin finish. So you’re basically getting three looks in one products. It does feel creamy on the lips, not stiff at all.
  3. Ever Bilena Lipiners (100php) – What I’ve noticed with most local cosmetic brands is that they have such a limited range of colors which are mostly browns. Good thing for Ever Bilena is that they have some really nice ones. I got the shade Deep Pink for me and a friend. I’m a morena and my friend is pretty fair so this bright pink can look good on both fair skinned ladies and morena beautes. You can go matchy-matchy with your friends now! It’s also really creamy and does not tug the lips upon application.
  4. Bobbie Cosmetics Lash Line Brightener (99php) – I love this stuff! For quite some time now I’ve been looking for a really good but cheap flesh-tone liner for the waterline and I finally found it. It’s really long and for the small amount of product you need, this will last you ages. Definitely a back for your buck! It’s super creamy, it’s matte, it’s not too bright, and it stays. I also use this to clean up the edges of my brows and as a brow bone and nose highlight. Super versatile!
  5. Bobbie Cosmetics Retractable Eyebrow Pencil (119php) – This has got to be the tiniest eyebrow pencil I’ve used! It’s so good for making a super sharp tail which I personally love. I want to love this product so much but I find that I only get little use of the product since it’s super thin and short. I also broke the pencil thrice I think. It’s super delicate. I’ll probably repurchase this but I know I’ll have to be extra careful with using this.
  6. Fashion21 Double Up Mascara (225php) – This is a highly-talked about mascara for a lot of Filipina beauty junkies and I’ve actually written a review on this. You can read my review by clicking this link!

There you go! The first part of my BEST PHILIPPINE MADE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. I’m super excited to explore more brands and try out their products.


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