Cheap Beginner’s Make-up Brush Set (Review)

Hey there!

About 2 years ago, I wrote a review on the 10-Piece Kabuki Brush Set but as I've said in the entry, there were some basic brushes that the set was lacking so I'm so glad to have found this brush set that is perfect for every girl who is just beginning in make up.

This is a dupe of the Zoeva 8-Piece Brush Set which normally comes with a pouch. As you can see, there are three face brushes (Foundation, Contour and Blush) and five eye brushes. I love this set because it only cost me 250.00 PHP! I know, right? This has actually become my makeup routine staple. I use this every single time I do my make up.

The foundation brush is great because it's a flat top kabuki brush which is fairly large so it makes base application very easy. It's also a synthetic brush so it's super soft. Mine does not shed, not even when I wash it.

The contour brush is bomb! It's a flat top brush that's way more skinny so it really help with achieving that straight contour line. This one is made of natural hair though, not sure which kind, but it works fine still.

The blush brush is a bit more flat compared to your normal blush brush. It's like a fluffier version of the contour brush but there really is not much science to a good blush brush. As long as it's not dense and not too large, it will work just fine.

The eye brushes are super basic. You have a flat shader brush in two kinds of hair: natural and synthetic. I personally love the natural hair brush because it's fluffy and fits perfectly in my lid for an all-over soft smokey eye look. The set also comes with a blending brush which is basic. There are also two angled brushes. One is great for lining the eyes using eyeshadow. It also works well as an eyebrow brush. The other isn't that great though. Although I still use it to apply wax on my eyebrows so I don't have to worry about it ruining the brush or mixing with other products since I barely use it, lol.

Overall, it's a very basic and practical set. It's for those who do very, very basic makeup. This is definitely a great "starter pack." The set also comes in a black and gold handle but I personally love how dainty the coral set is. I didn't get it with the pouch though because I already have lots of pouches.

I hope this helped you with choosing your very first make up brush set! Let me know if you got one and your thoughts on it on the comments below. ๐Ÿ™‚

(I'll be updating this blog soon for links to online sellers. You might find the set in Divi too!)


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